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Spring 3-20-2015


We need to change the model for academic publishing in order to maintain our ability to afford to be a research-based institution. SUNY-wide, library acquisitions costs have grown from $27 million to $63 million from 2002-2012. They are higher this year, and will continue to grow. Yet we are not increasing our access to information relative to the increase in expenditures. In fact, we are paying roughly $40 million more now than we were ten years ago for far fewer titles. The number of volumes added system wide in 2002 was 165,000. In 2012 it was 91,000 volumes. Across SUNY, we are paying more and have access to far less. Publishing in Libraries is one strategy, along with an Open Access Mandate, and others that has the potential to lead to significant change in the Library/Commercial Publisher relationship while adding value to the support we provide our faculty and students in their teaching, learning, and research activities.


Presented at the SUNY Brockport Publishing in Libraries Conference.

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