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"In the Adirondack region, snowshoe hares are not commonly seen during most of the year because of their secretive nature and affinity tor dense forest cover. However, in spring they can be observed in grassy forest openings. The mean duration of individual hare observations for mornings and evenings was 13 minutes. Ninety percent of the time was spent by hares sitting and feeding. Hares in openings stayed on the average of 2 m away from the forest edge. Snowshoe hares apparently venture into sunlit openings to feed on the dense spring growth of annual plants. Stem densities of grasses and annual plants in openings were 3.2 to 17.2 times as great as stem densities in adjacent forest during May. The high level of hare activity in openings in mid-May coincides with mean parturition and conception dates for the first and second litters respectively. "