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Technical Report

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"1. To determine and describe the predation ecology, movement patterns, territorial behavior and habitat of bobcats in New York. 2. To determine vital population characteristics and exploitation levels of bobcats in New York. 3. To recommend management alternatives for bobcats in New York on the basis of an information synthesis, range map and model of current bobcat exploitation levels in the region. 4. To make recommendations concerning the feasibility of lynx reintroduction in Adirondack Park based on the inferred level of lynx-bobcat competition and a survey of potential lynx range in the Park."

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Biology, Ecology and Range of the Bobcat, Felis rufus in New York and its Inferred Interactions with Potentially Reintroduced Lynx, Felis canadensis canadensis in Adirondack Park.


"The diseases and parasites of bobcats Lynx rufus were investigated to determine their role in the distribution and abundance of bobcats in New York State in 1976-80. Antibodies for three viral diseases were detected in the serum. Statewide, 48 of 232 (21%) bobcats had feline pan leukopenia antibodies, 36 of 224 (16%) had feline calicivirus antibodies, 112 of 224 (50%) had feline viral rhinotracheitis antibodies. Adult bobcats from the Catskills had a higher prevalence of feline pan leukopenia antibodies than all other age classes in the Catskill or Adirondack regions of New York."