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Technical Report

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"To research selected aspects of deer resource dynamics that have been identified as key components in the redefinition and/or implementation of deer management strategic plans and programs in northern New York."

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Deer Management Research in Northern New York Ecosystems

Project Title

Wildlife Ecology, Behavior and Habitat Improvement in New York


"A technique was developed to estimate local deer population densities in a variety of forest habitat types under different systems of forest management, using drive counts and track count ratios. Results of drive counts made in a single habitat type provide a base which can be adjusted to accommodate the influences of varying forest management systems, vegetative characteristics and hunting intensities. Estimates of deer densities resulting from the use of this technique indicate that tracts of forest land under even-aged management with no hunting as characterized by the Huntington Forest South Unit currently support 23.4 deer/mi². The estimates for the Huntington Forest North Unit, under the same forest management system but with either sex archery and muzzle- loader hunting, is 12.5 deer/mi². Deer densities on private lands in the central Adirondacks managed under an uneven-aged system and generally hunted for "bucks only" are estimated at 10.5 deer/mi². The deer population estimate for unmanaged public lands primarily hunted for "bucks only" (Santanoni Preserve) is 6.5 deer/mi²."