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Technical Report

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"To research selected aspects of deer resource dynamics that have been identified as key components in the redefinition and/or implementation of deer management strategic plans and programs in northern New York."

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Deer Management Research in Northern New York Ecosystems

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Wildlife Ecology, Behavior and Habitat Improvement in New York


"Gross income generated as a result of the 1981-1983 fee hunts at the Huntington Wildlife Forest ranged from $1.07 to $1.76/acre/year. Administrative and operational costs averaged 19.6% of gross income during the same period. Net income ranged from $0.87 to $1.40/acre/year and averaged $1.12/acre/year. Efforts to increase revenues from this form of hunting resulted in a 154% increase over the 1978-1980 period, however this figure ($1.12/acre/year) was considerably less than the established $4.00/ acre/year goal. Increased revenues resulted primarily from escalating the fee charged to each hunter. Cost reductions associated with initiating a season pass system and eliminating special insurance coverage were also important factors. Efforts to increase the number of participating hunters were partially successful."