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Technical Report

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"To research selected aspects of deer resource dynamics that have been identified as key components in the redefinition and/or implementation of deer management strategic plans and programs in northern New York."

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Deer Management Research in Northern New York Ecosystems

Project Title

Wildlife Ecology, Behavior and Habitat Improvement in New York


"A 20 page manuscript was prepared describing a forest management program designed to integrate deer and timber management in forested regions of the Northeast. This text will be used to develop a bulletin for distribution to private forest landowners and forest managers. The basic requirements of white-tailed deer in northern forests and the components of a successful timber management program are emphasized. The interaction between deer and forests, the assessment of the impacts of deer on forests and techniques to reduce or counteract these impacts are discussed. This integrated forest management program incorporates the management of both summer and winter deer range with a timber production program. Alternative management systems are presented including a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each system."