Earl Patric

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Technical Report

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"1. To test the effectiveness and economy of erecting a deer use control fence on a large area. 2. To test the relative merits of an outrigger electric fence and an in-line five-wire electric fence. 3. To measure the effect of deer use control on northern hardwood reproduction. 4. To compare the effect of deer on forest vegetation in areas subjected to timber stand improvement as contrasted to untreated forest area."

Project Title

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Investigations in the Central Adirondack Mountains


"A 500-acre stand of northern hardwood forest was cut over during the period 1950-1952 with 75 percent of the volume being removed. In I960 and 1961, about 80 acres of this stand were treated with sodium arsenite in spaced axe cuts to control understory beech which had developed aggressively following logging. An electric fence, 2.5 miles in perimeter, was erected in 1961 to surround 255 acres of this stand. The fence was modified in 1962 following early observations and again in 1963. A 3-acre area was enclosed with an outrigger type electric fence built to specifications recommended by the Vermont Fish and Game Department. Fence chargers were designed and built following inadequate performance of commercial chargers. Track counts and observations indicate that the electric fence turned many deer although many observations of deer penetrating the fence were made. Vegetative tallies indicate that deer browsing was significantly reduced inside the fence. Cost to date suggest that more positive control could be realized with equal expenditure."