Thomas J. Gebo

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Technical Report

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"(1) To determine the distribution of the cottontail rabbit, cougar, gray squirrel, gray fox, fisher, marten, opossum and striped skunk in the Adirondacks (2) To examine the distribution of the marten in relation to selected environmental variables with special reference to elevation and to forest type. (3) To assess the status of the marten with regard to future management potentials and problems."

Project Title

Wildlife Ecology, Behavior and Habitat Improvement in New York


"A brief summary of reported data on the distribution of eight low density mammal species in the Adirondacks is presented. Data was collected in conjunction with a more intensive investigation of the pine marten. Data on distribution of the pine marten is presented and evaluated in detail under Job XI-2 and 3. Interviews, a postcard survey, and miscellaneous reports provided information on 268 marten encounters and 663 reported encounters with the remaining species. Descriptive data for all locations has been punched on standard 80 column cards using the Universal Transverse Mercator Grid System. Programming, and resulting plot maps at a scale of 1:250,000, are on file with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Care should be exercised in the distribution of mops and data describing locations of furbearers."