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Technical Report

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"To research selected aspects of deer resource dynamics that have been identified as key components in the redefinition and/or implementation of deer management strategic plans and programs in northern New York."

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Deer Management Research in Northern New York Ecosystems


"The extent of existing human access within the Adirondack Park as provided by public and private roads, trails and public access sites, was investigated. Approximately 3,500,000 acres of "recreational land" (65.0%) in the Park, are within 1.0 mile of a road. Only 838,912 acres (24.0%) of this land is in public ownership. Thirty-eight percent of public recreational land was classified as "accessible", while 83.4% of private recreational land was included in this category. Summary tables are presented for each town and county within the Park, which include road mileage by state, county, town and private categories, private and public land area, number of public access sites, and accessible and non-accessible land areas. Over 700 miles of foot trails exist on public land designated as wilderness or primitive areas. Additional access is offered by 104 ;public access sites including public campgrounds, boat launch sites, fishing access sites, and major trailheads."