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The First Ten Years written by ESF Dean Nelson Brown gives an overview of the American forestry education from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s and provides in depth information on the challenges and final formation and establishment of the State College of Forestry.

Historical and very detailed information is given on the first board of trustees, the first dean of New York State College of Forestry, Dean Hugh Potter Baker, the first faculty of the college, and the formation of departments.

Along with discussing the people, buildings and property of the main campus, the manuscript gives details on the early forest properties including the Ranger School and the Lafayette Road Experiment Station.

The manuscript discusses the formation of student clubs and student publications including the Empire Forester and the Camp Log and discusses the impact of World War I on the student body, the faculty and the campus. Many students and some faculty including Dean Baker entered into military service during their time at the New York State College of Forestry.

The First Ten Years covers much more than 10 years, starting with the history of forestry education in 1898 and ending with information about the college in the 1950’s.