Date of Award

Winter 12-6-2019

Semester of Degree


Document Type

Open Access Dissertation

Degree Name

M.S. in Forest and Natural Resources Management


Forest and Natural Resources Management

Major Professor

Paul Crovella

Steering Committee Member

Mohamed ElZomor

Steering Committee Member

Kevin Stack


Disclosure of the life cycle impact of materials and transparent documentation of material ingredients can help the process of material selection for designers. The LEED® v4.0 has placed emphasis on material transparency through the addition of Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credits under the Materials and Resources category. The intent of the study through interviews is to understand the perception of architects and manufacturers in the US on common barriers in implementing material transparency. The research identifies gaps in access to or availability of transparent material ingredient documentation that will help material producers better understand the needs of designers who are responsible for environmentally preferable material selection. The study resulted in four conclusions and the most important one is the need for education of all the stakeholders in a project to push the healthy material goals and in turn, bring a change in the construction industry.