Date of Award

Fall 11-28-2019

Semester of Degree


Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

M.S. in Environmental Resources Engineering


Environmental Resources Engineering

Major Professor


Steering Committee Member

Zane Drinke


The topic of the Master thesis is to the model of motivation for employee job satisfaction in Godrej Agrovet Pvt, limited Khanna, Punjab (India). Godrej Agrovet limited currently running in India and author carried research on it while doing an internship in the Netherlands and had job experience as a trainee in Godrej Agrovet.


Aim of the research paper is to understand employee motivational models for job satisfaction and the research takes a deeper dive to suggest Motivation strategies for implementation in the company to achieve employee job satisfaction.


In order to achieve the aim of the research, following tasks were set up:

1. To analyze the theoretical background for job satisfaction and motivation among employee

2. To analyze leadership and human resource management

3. To analyze the Agrovet industry environment

4. Motivation strategies for job satisfaction (Includes Research methodology, employee survey, interview section, communication strategy and other beneficial strategy)

The primary data in this study paper has been collected from potential workers by using survey and scale questions. Furthermore, the author sent a survey to 113 potential workers, but able to get up to 60. After the collection of data, the author carried out the process of data analysis. The author used qualitative research methodology, in which the author conducted structured questions with experts an try to get solution to problem.

The material used consist of theoretical information from books, library data, online books, company financial information’s, online survey, articles on model of motivation for job satisfaction and expert interviews.

Author used quantitative method (survey) and qualitative method (expert interview).

Main result of the study based on the fact that the Godrej Agrovet Limited Company did not have innovative technology solution, they had absence of communication and online employee feedback system. There was no connection between management and the ground level worker. During the research part, the author found various models of motivation for job satisfaction. The master thesis research paper consists of pages80, including tables 5, figures 32, appendices and list of reference30