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Restricted Access Thesis

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M.S. in Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies

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Andrea Feldpausch-Parker

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Jack Manno

Steering Committee Member

Andrea Feldpausch Parker

Steering Committee Member

David Sonnenfeld


This study tests theoretical arguments regarding the gender gap in environmental concern and participation using survey data (n=93) and observations from an activist population against hydraulic fracturing in Upstate New York. Prior research suggests that women are more concerned about environmental issues than men but less likely to participate in campaigns. This research utilizes a convenience sample of 93 participants, with the majority of them above 55 years of age. The survey data suggested that that female activists were moderately more concerned about aspects of hydraulic fracturing than men, but that men and women participated equally in the movement. Observations indicated that women as a group were very active. Findings also indicated that age was a significant factor of participation in the campaign against hydraulic fracturing. Results are further discussed and recommendations given for future research.