Date of Award

Spring 3-26-2018

Semester of Degree


Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

M.S. in Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

Major Professor

Emanuel J. Carter

Steering Committee Member

Timothy Toland

Steering Committee Member

Anthony Miller


Certain policies and practices have led to the creation of sprawl in American cities. The New Urbanist design framework was created to address the consequences of sprawl and deteriorating cities. This study tests the applicability of the New Urbanist framework as a redevelopment tool in an existing community and describes how the framework interacts with the design process. The investigation uses the New Urbanist principles in the design of Downtown East, a proposed neighborhood in Syracuse, NY. The study reveals that the scale of Downtown East and other factors prevent the breadth of the New Urbanist framework from being fully addressed. However, this limitation does not prevent New Urbanism from contributing to the creation of good community. Also revealed is the importance for the designer to understand and adapt the New Urbanist principles in a conceptual manner rather than adhering to the formulaic nature of the principles.