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Open Access Thesis

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M.S. in Environmental Resources Engineering


Environmental Resources Engineering

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Douglas Daley

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Timothy Toland

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Russell Briggs


Phosphorus (P) is a concern in stormwater runoff in urban ecosystems. Passive treatment methods as bioretention have been considered for phosphorus removal. Siderite has shown potential in the removal of dissolved phosphorus from aqueous solution. The present study found that siderite had a phosphorus adsorption capacity of 94.27ug/g, described by the Langmuir isotherm adsorption model, for an initial concentration of 1 mg P/L and a solid-liquid ratio of 1:100 at 22oC, after 12 hours. A bioretention soil mix was also tested, and was found to have produced phosphorus due to leaching. A combination of the bioretention soil mix and siderite was also tested, and the presence of siderite in the combination was able to reduce the phosphorus concentration by 40-47% during the first 15-minute contact time.

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Soil Science Commons