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Summer 7-1-1996


Welcome to the latest issue of the Great Lakes Research Review. The purpose of this publication is to bridge the gap between the investigators who have spent their careers on Great Lakes ecosystem research and others who may want the information in less technical terms. The lakes are surrounded by two countries, two provinces, eight states, hundreds of cities and towns, millions of stakeholders, and scores of organizations dedicated to research and conservation of the Great Lakes. The complexity of the human condition in the Basin parallels the intricate web of the ecosystem within the lakes. Managers, researchers, and citizens alike must gather and process data and draw conclusions about many issues, but what information they gather can determine what conclusions they draw. Depending on the source and type of information, inferences may be slightly different, contradictory even, and that causes uncertainty for all involved. This publication offers a solution to this problem by providing information that is understandable to researchers, policy-makers, educators, managers, and stakeholders about the research efforts taking place in New York, Ontario, and throughout the basin. It is our hope that this source will bring its readers together on the important subjects it addresses.