Eric Culver

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Environmental and Forest Biology

Thesis Advisor

Gordon Paterson


I am foremost indebted to Dr. Gord Paterson, my thesis mentor and teacher, who tirelessly provided guidance, assistance, and resources in the completion of this project. I learned a lot about environmental toxicology and lab methodology, but more importantly, I learned what it means to be truly invested in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. Frozen fish did not make good conversation. I may have gone mad if not for the company of my dearest friend, Erin Reidy. Our collaboration and teamwork were essential to the timely completion of this thesis. The many late nights and long days spent together will not be forgotten. At least we got to shout at people from the windows. Special thanks to Jordan Pitt for all of her assistance. We still might be in the lab if she weren't there to help us along. Thanks also to Jordan Makoto C'Dealva-Lenik and Michael Persson for preparing the laboratory and the reference standard. Thanks to Drs Randy Jackson and Lars Rudstam and also Tony Van de Valk, Tom Brooking, Colin Farrell and summer student interns at the Cornell Biological Field Station on Oneida lake for providing all of the fish used in this project. Thank you to Dr. Christopher Whipps, Dr. Gregory McGee and all of the other faculty who have aided me in my career here at ESF. Thanks to Papa Johns who sustained us throughout our extractions. I'd also like to thank my parents, Jill and Wayne Culver, and my brothers, Robert, Matthew and Jeffrey Culver, as well as my many friends both at ESF and at home, for their continued support of my education and goals. ii