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Environmental and Forest Biology

Thesis Advisor

Donald Leopold


Plant surveys


The main objective of this study was to catalogue the woody plants on SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry's (SUNY-ESF) main campus and to create public access to this knowledge using the iNaturalist website. To do so, I conducted several surveys of trees and shrubs in the fall of 2014. I transferred information about the woody plants to iNaturalist, an interactive web-based platform open to public data entry and used to display species observations on an online map, while providing taxonomic information about each species. l also recorded the native, introduced, or invasive status of each plant as well as the human use of a plant when applicable on the site. After the completion of the iNaturalist site, I analyzed how the campus could be improved with regard to the native or invasive status of many of the species and how to encourage more biodiversity on campus. My target audience is all members of the SUNY-ESF community as well as the public. The iNaturalist project will be embedded on a SUNY-ESF webpage where anyone can access it on a laptop or mobile device and will be able to use this site as a way to educate others and interact with our landscape. I hope this project will encourage thought about our campus, what grows on it and how it could be better utilized.