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Forest and Natural Resources Management

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William M. Shields


Electric bicycles


Electric Bicycles, ore-Bikes, are legal in 35 of 50 US States, as well as most other countries in Europe, South America, and Asia. New York State has been fighting the legal battle one-Bikes, with legalization bills on the floor for the past 11 years. As part of my Honors Fellowship, I have been tasked with preparing an e-Bike Initiative pending legalized e-Bikes in NYS. In this paper, I examine the intricacies surrounding the ambiguous legal battle cunently raging in NYS, provide insights as to what bike policies have worked well in other countries and US States, and then highlight the importance of e-Bike legalization in terms of the three pillars of sustainability. Some of the top recommendations I provide are based on California's new e-Bike policy, the PeopleforBikes organizations' campaigns for bike safety, and a literature review. Also, attached in the appendix is the business plan and materials for an ESF e-Bike Initiative at ESF which would sell and rent e-Bikes to students to support the ESF Honors Program.