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Environmental Studies

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Emanuel Carter


Many cities and universities around the world are considering bike share and bike library programs in their sustainability plans. In such programs bikes are made available for participants to check out from a designated location and use for an allocated amount of time. As seniors we realized how heavily we have relied on our bikes these past four years. Overall, biking is very popular on campus, and a program that allows students to check out bikes for very low costs allows our campus to implement sustainable practices and encourages biking. During this project we studied bike share programs in the United States and around the world. We researched aspects of bike share programs including size, costs, and overall benefits. Cities have reported benefits including improved fitness of residents, decreased CO2 emissions, decreased need for vehicular parking, and increased pressure to improve bike infrastructure. In addition, this program offers a sustainable solution to some of the challenges ESF will face in the future such as parking constraints. In order to create a successful program at SUNY ESF we conducted surveys, made general observations about bike transportation, and talked to various administrators. In the end, we developed a bike library program to fit the needs and constraints of SUNY ESF. In doing so, we hope to increase accessibility and connectivity between the campus and other areas of interest such as grocery stores, cultural points, and the city. We expect our program to expand as ridership increases, spreading to the rest of university hill and beyond.