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Landscape Architecture

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Maren King


Like windmills, wooden clogs, tulips, and cheese, water is synonymous with the Dutch. More so, in fact, because the symbols of Dutch culture that we readily recognize all have water in their roots.

The connections are revealed everywhere; from the iconic canals edging the streets of Amsterdam, to the perfectly lined sluits of the country side. Water is what makes this country work, but now more than ever, the threat of water calls for some serious attention.

The resiliency of the Netherlands stems from its ability to adapt to change in climate, society, and the environment. In this way they have moved towards methods that aim to live with water rather than without. Informed by the methods of the past, the Dutch revive historic solutions to suite their modern needs. They celebrate water in their streets, canals, and rivers, they put water to use, they design with it in mind, and they resist it only when absolutely necessary.

This study looks at four methods for living with water w against it. These solutions prove that adapting to changing environmental conditions provides opportunity for improvement in design and function overall.