Susan Fassler

Date of Award


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Environmental Studies

Thesis Advisor

Michael J. Kelleher


It has been shown that the implementation of renewable energy technologies in the building sector has the potential to achieve long-term energy and cost savings. The combined heat and power system, housed within the newly constructed Gateway Building on the SUNY ESF main campus, is in the position to increase the College’s energy acquisition efficiency by 50%, when compared to the currently utilized system. The system will be constructed and displayed in such a way as to be easily understood by students, faculty and the general public- providing an array of educational prospects. Students at the College will have the opportunity to further understand the CHP system through its integration in offered coursework. The Building will also provide the means through which to expand the research of renewable energy technologies. There are a host of positive externalities associated with the Building, including but not limited to: reductions in fuel price uncertainty and increases in occupant health. Thus we have concluded that the Gateway Building has the potential to not only have a positive impact on the immediate campus community, but also on the Syracuse area as a whole.