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Environmental Resources Engineering

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Douglas J. Daley


filtration system


The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) is a non-profit in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal dedicated to a variety of methods of helping its surrounding community. To achieve these goals, the foundation works extensively with volunteers from other countries, who often come to stay at the foundation. In the kitchen, tap water is used to cook and clean vegetables. While cooking kills many of the bacteria, sometimes food is not cooked hot enough, or simply was not cooked in the case of the raw vegetables they serve, to kill said bacteria. While the incidence of water borne disease is very low in the area of the village; non-treated water has plenty of bacteria in it to make the unaccustomed volunteers sick. There is a small UV sterilizer in the kitchen, but frequent blackouts when people are actually cooking means the UV sterilizer often lacks electricity. A new system was designed, and built, to solve this problem. The filtration method was simple, a biosand filter combined with UV sterilization. After the biosand filter, there was a reservoir to collect the filtered water. When it is predicted that the power will be on for long enough, the UV sterilizer will be turned on, the water from the biosand reservoir will flow throw the UV sterilizer. There are two tanks at the end of the UV sterilizer for the water to go into. The water in the end tanks should be used within two days, to prevent any new growth of bacteria or algae, since there is no continuing disinfectant in the water. One reservoir can be completely emptied, while the other is filled, to ensure that no water is in the tanks for more than two days. The sterilized water tanks are then directly connected to the kitchen tap water.