Date of Award

Spring 5-2016

Document Type



Environmental Resources Engineering

Thesis Advisor

Shobha K. Bhatia


geotextiles, Geotextile bag, Dewatering


In this study, two different one-dimensional tests (only vertical flow) (Pressure Filtration Test and Suction Filtration Test) were compared to determine variability in the results due to different forms of pressure application. In addition, an innovative Two-Dimensional Filtration Apparatus (with both vertical and radial flow) was developed in order to determine the effect of radial flow on the results. This apparatus will more accurately imitate the real-life dewatering application of geotextile tubes. Unlike on-site “hanging bag” and “Pressurized Geotextile Dewatering” tests, this laboratory apparatus was designed in a form that will facilitate the studying of dewatering rate vertically and radially separately. It will also be used by mathematicians, as its geometric form will be more conducive to the analysis of dewatering. This will aid in the creation of a simple and fast mathematical model to determine geotextile dewatering rate, which will reduce the need and cost of experimental testing prior to actual dewatering in the site.