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The purpose of this project it to publish graduate student data, particularly from individual laboratory groups, in the institutional repository Digital Commons @ ESF. Graduate students at Master and Doctoral levels generate many datasets that are all too often forgotten once the student leaves the institution. We propose having graduate students or upper-level undergraduates work with the lab groups and librarians to carefully describe and not just archive the data, but use it to communicate with future researchers.

While students are only temporarily located on college campuses, their work is often part of larger, lengthier, and ongoing studies. Graduate students generate a good deal of data which can languish in various states of organization and description. If the library was to provide reliable access to this electronic data and encourage the use of data through the creation of metadata, we would show the value of these materials that may otherwise be unfindable or unusable. It is important that the library be involved in this undertaking because when it comes to data, metadata is incredibly important and often forgotten. The library would assist these researchers to communicate their otherwise unpublished data to people who may be using it in the future. Data are often reported in journal articles but there is a sizeable amount of useful data that are not published. This project would highlight this hidden data.


This project was funded by the NY3Rs Association, Inc. through the Library as Publisher Innovator Grant.

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