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Species selection is an important step in the design of effective and efficient living snow fences. A species matrix assists in the plant selection process for living snow fences by providing a pallete of suitable species, and a summary of relevant plant traits to compare and contrast species. Recent research at SUNY ESF has built on previous research (Tabler, 2003) and identified key plant traits for living snow fences. Twenty-eight species that possess the traits relevant to living snow fences have been identified and included in this plant matrix. These species are tolerant to a variety of roadside conditions across New York State, and possess the traits necessary to achieve adequate snow trapping and snow storage capabilities. Every plant species is unique, and this matrix is therefore intended as a selection tool to compare and contrast a variety of plants for living snow fences within the context of design goals and site conditions.


Fact sheet prepared for New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)