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Highlights of the year July 1, 2012- June 30, 2013:

• Syracuse Asbestos Testing Laboratory Testing Services (SALTS) lab accreditation, Nov 30, 2012 by NYSDOH ELAP program (NYS Lab ID No. 12002)

• SALTS Fiber Counting Course- Robert P. Smith instructed and certified the first four graduates from ESF to complete the Phase Contrast Microscopy Fiber Analysis Course: Beth Ann Arthur, Tiffany Brookins-Little, Kaitlyn Smith and Jeremy Sullivan

• A proposal was submitted February 2013 to the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program for a new transmission electron microscope. The proposal MRI: Acquisition of a Cryo Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope seeks federal financial support for the acquisition of a cryo field emission scanning transmission electron microscope (FES/TEM) to replace the current 30 year old transmission electron microscope in the NC Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies at SUNY-ESF.

• New Class offered: Medical and Industrial Applications of Electron Microscopy as part of the new Microscopy Minor

• Offered NC Brown Ultrastructure Center expertise and services to the following businesses: United Corrstack, Lockheed Martin, Welch Allyn, Actuant Cortland Company, Ready Rubber Co, Syracuse Research Corporation, Upstate Freshwater Institute, Glantec Inspection Services, GYMO Engineering, JAG Corporation, Bronze Contracting, Watts Architecture and Engineering, Car-Freshner Corp., Winandy Associates, ABS; and more than 60 researchers (Appendix 1) from ESF, Syracuse University and Upstate Medical Hospital.

• St. John’s University donated film for the transmission electron microscope in the amount of $2000.

• Initiated FACES scheduling system for on-line log-in for ESF and outside users of the electron microscopes

• Thirty-two students, faculty and industrial clients used the TEM, while twenty-six used the Scanning EM. All users were multiple users. Users of the TEM recorded 1362 images.

• Class demonstrations were provided for courses at ESF: EFB 440 Mycology, EFB 104 Intro Biology, FCH 381 Instrumental Analysis (10 lectures/demonstrations)



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